Welcome to the National Shipwreck Database of Sri Lanka

The National Shipwreck Database of Sri Lanka contains information and details on shipwrecks recorded mainly by the Maritime Archaeology Unit of the Central Cultural Fund. These wreck sites expanse from the 2nd century BCE to modern times. This aims to raise awareness among the relevant institutes as well as the diving community to protect our valuable underwater cultural heritage for the future..

Shipwrecks - The Summary

The summary of the National Shipwreck Database of Sri Lanka

Total Shipwrecks


The Oldest Shipwreck

2nd cen. BCE

Historical Wrecks


Protected Wrecks


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The shipwrecks in the database is attached to the administrative provinces in Sri Lanka for easy identification of the sites. This graph shows the summary of shipwrecks by provinces.


Follow key features listed below to get maximum out of this database.

Interactive Map

Locate a shipwreck using the interactive map. This map provides filtering options to you to find in-depth details of each shipwreck site.

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Maritime Timeline

This interactive timeline will tell the story of Maritime Archaeology in Sri Lanka, how it began and developed with the time.

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The Story of Godawaya

Discovery of the oldest shipwreck site in the Asia-Pacific Region. Find out when & where the wreck lays. The excavations and the artifacts found.

Dive with us to a 2,000 year old shipwreck

Shipwreck Dashboard

Dashboard and a searchable list of shipwrecks around the country. It also contains interactive charts to learn more about the wrecks.

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The publications done by the Maritime Archaeology Unit, includes research reports, Newsletters, book chapters, research papers, etc.

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Are you a researcher who wants more information about these shipwrecks? We will provide access to the restricted area of NSDSL on written request.

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