Stakeholders of the National Shipwreck Database
Central Cultural Fund of Sri Lanka

CCF LogoThe Central Cultural Fund is part of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs and National Heritage. It is to provide necessary funds for the excavation and conservation of monuments of cultural and religious value. Make arrangements to meet the expenditure incurred on the development of archaeological sites in Sri Lanka or another country. Furthermore, providing monetary assistance to artists, craftsmen, authors/writers, artists, and musicians who render their yeoman service to promote culture is another specific objective.

CCF is the custodian agency of the World Heritage sites (cultural) in Sri Lanka and is also responsible for the social, cultural, and economic development in Sri Lanka through conservation, development, and promotion of the cultural heritage of national and international recognition.

Maritime Archaeology Unit

CCF LogoThe Maritime Archaeology Unit(MAU) of the Central Cultural Fund was founded in 2001 under the aegis of the Mutual Heritage Centre. Following the early research and explorations carried out since 1992, the Central Cultural Fund and the Department of Archaeology took the initiative to establish the specific institute for conducting underwater archaeological research in Sri Lanka.

Our main intention is to develop the field of maritime archaeology in Sri Lanka to protect our valuable underwater cultural heritage. The CCF manage the MAU under the Ministry of Cultural Affairs and National Heritage.

Institute for Archaeology and Heritage Studies

CCF LogoIAHS is a non-profit, independent academic and research institute founded and shaped by the passionate archaeologist and engineer, in 2019, to nurture an appreciation for Sri Lankan heritage and history among the general public, and provide archaeological and heritage management consultancy to private and public organizations.

IAHS is an independent organization that focuses on the identification, preservation, and responsible exploration of prehistoric archaeological sites in the Island country and achieves it through its four main focus areas.

  1. Academic Courses
  2. Research and Publication
  3. Archaeological Consultancy
  4. Content Development

It is the only independent archaeological institute in Sri Lanka that provides academic courses, conducts research, and offers archaeological and heritage preservation consultancy to Government and private entities.

Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands

CHAN Logo"Giving our future a past and our past a future. That's what we stand for. Together with our partners, we ensure good heritage care. And we use the power of heritage for major societal challenges. Our employees do this with heart and soul.."

The Cultural Heritage Agency (RCE) is part of the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science. We work under the direct responsibility of the minister and implement laws, regulations, and heritage policy that the ministry and the service make together. We also develop practically applicable knowledge and provide advice on national monuments, landscape & living environment, archeology, and movable heritage.

On behalf of the Minister of Education, Culture and Science, the Cultural Heritage Agency designates national archaeological monuments, grants permits in the event of soil disturbance, provides subsidies for conservation, and manages Archives, the archaeological information system. We also offer advice, conduct research, and share the acquired knowledge with others.